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Walt Wilder

Oklahoma City, OK



President, CMM Records

President, Pactow Publishing

President, Traditional Country Music International, Inc.



Walt Wilder was born on January 6th, in Taloga, Oklahoma.  His family moved to Oklahoma City, OK when he was ten years old.  He won his first singing contest at that time.  The prize was $5.00.  From that contest came lasting friendships with local DJs and televisions personalities.  He later appeared on many local television shows and his own radio show in Oklahoma.

             To support his talent, Walt has held many jobs.  Some them were club owner and ironworker.  He is a member of the Country Music Association and a signatory producer with Nashville Local #257 of the American Federation of Musicians.  Walt is the 46th lifetime member of the Nashville Songwriters Association, International.  He has worked for many years promoting and producing country music and is always willing to help young artists and songwriters.

             Owning his own video production company in Hendersonville, TN, he produced Roy Acuff, Grandpa Jones, Porter Waggoner, Johnny Paycheck and many other Nashville greats.

             He has worked for the past twenty-five years with Ralph Davis, who retired as  the music coordinator at the Grand Ole Opry stage band, producing new talent in country music.

             Walt is a prolific songwriter and has recorded 38 singles and 6 albums.  His song “I Love The Girl On The Centerfold (Of Playboy Magazine)”Click to hear Centerfold by Walt Wilder caught the attention of Hugh Hefner and a tour of the south was arranged with the playmate of the year.  Walt’s song “The Great American Eagle”Click to hear The Great American Eagle by Walt Wilder received a standing ovation on the floor of the state capitol of Oklahoma.  The song also received a standing ovation from the State and National VFW and won a National Gold Medal from the United States American Veterans Organization.


            Currently, Walt is producing records and  writing songs from his office in Oklahoma City.

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